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We are providers of quality lighting solutions with new generation technologies to suit a variety of applications.
We provide a range of environment friendly business products: Downlights and flat panels for office walls or ceilings IP65 LED lighting units for low level mounting HiBay LED units for sports halls and large indoor spaces LED outdoor and street lighting for various environments Ultra high power LED lighting for sports fields Other products are available on request
We focus on the equipment for professional environments such as sports halls, warehouses or parking and other large spaces.
We offer the best technology and performance / price ratio.
We do not believe in a 'one size fits all' policy, we choose the technology we consider to be the most appropriate for the demands of our customers. For requirements outside of our current range, we have the ability to source alternative solutions.
We have a local and International network of trading partners and technical advisers.
We work with domestic and foreign experts in Europe, the United States and Asia for: Evaluation of the products we sell The design of complex projects The ability to provide a wide range of quality approved products
We are based in the Lake Geneva region, we have local and multi- cultural associates
Our Motto; “Do what you say” “Faites ce que vous dites” “Mach was Du sagst”
Welcome to Jofam Sàrl
With our innovative LED lighting solutions, our customers appreciate the return on investment, energy reduction and improved light quality. The social and environmental aspects of lighting are also important decision-making factors; Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reduced energy consumption, reduction of visual stress, environmentally friendly and can be recycled