The accepted view of how to utilise the resources of our planet is evolving, fortunately technology is able to provide solutions to some of the problems. It has become generally accepted that incandescent lighting is inefficient and out of date; we believe that the same is true of the current types of fluorescent lights (particularly CFL) and metal-halide lights that are now in use and paradoxically may even be promoted as environmentally friendly. We distribute LED lighting, which uses the latest technology offering significant improvement in; power consumption, use of environmentally harmful materials and overall cost of operation (Total Cost of Ownership), however it is important to apply the technology in accordance with its optimum characteristics.
LED Lighting LED lamps use surface mounted solid-state Light Emitting Diodes as the source of light. LED lamps offer long service life ( >110000hrs -L80 (@Ta=25°C)) and high energy efficiency (~160 lm/W); initial costs are greater than those of conventional lamps but Total Cost of Ownership is much lower (~1/5 TCO of incandescent and ~1/2 TCO of fluorescent). LEDs are a directional light source and the diodes are degraded by operating at high temperatures however, intricate designs incorporating optimised luminous output and heat sink characteristics have resulted in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing and functional products for use in offices and shops. Diode technology is constantly improving, similarly the improvements in DC electrical power rectification; for use with an AC supply and the understanding of heat flow using computer analysis for improved solid or even liquid cooling have taken LED technology into high power industrial applications up to 2000 Watt and 300,000 lumen for certain high quality suppliers.
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