The accepted view of how to utilise the resources of our planet is evolving, fortunately technology is able to provide solutions to some of the problems. It has become generally accepted that incandescent lighting is inefficient and out of date; we believe that the same is true of the current types of fluorescent lights (particularly CFL) and metal-halide lights that are now in use and paradoxically may even be promoted as environmentally friendly. We distribute three types of lighting technology; LED, Induction and Plasma, they all offer significant improvement in; power consumption, use of environmentally harmful materials and overall cost of operation (Total Cost of Ownership), however it is important to apply each technology in accordance with its optimum characteristics.
Plasma Lighting Plasma light sources generate light by exciting a plasma inside a closed transparent bulb using radio frequency (RF) power and a waveguide used to constrain and focus the electrical field into the plasma. The internal materials such as metal halides, sodium or sulphur are similar to those used in induction lighting but the level of excitation is much higher, with visible light resulting from photon emission for a very high lumen output. The Total Cost of Ownership for plasma lighting is a significant saving over conventional metal halide lighting, although not on a par with LED or induction; it comes into its own for compact, very high power applications (700W to 1,800W).  Solid state RF generation can be used for long life but is very expensive and now that magnetron technology has developed to the point that it matches bulb life (~30,000 hrs.), it is preferred.
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